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Machine Learning / AI

Machine Learning / AI




Development and deployment of Machine Learning models to accurately predict the amount of time a newly graduated nurse will need in order to be able to practice safely and independently.


In order to address the severe nursing shortage Healthcare organizations are forced to pay for premium labor at a rate of 2x normal cost, which is unsustainable. To reduce the money spent on premium labor, organizations need to have a clear guidance on the timing of when new hires can safely take on a full load of patients.


We analyzed the over 10 Million records in the collected dataset to identify the relevant attributes that influence the length of time needed to reach safe and independent practice. Several models were developed and assessed for accuracy and performance. The resulting Machine Learning models are deployed in AWS Sage Maker and integrated into the overall solution to provide accurate guidance to client organizations.


20% reduction in the need for premium labor and the associated elevated cost.

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