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RayWare Cloud

RayWare Cloud


Digital Dentistry


Enabling a 3D Printing Digital Dentistry company to scale from a fragile desktop-centric architecture to a large scale, worldwide cloud-based deployment model that supports tens of thousands of devices.


The growth of this innovative startup was severely limited by its desktop-centric deployment model and the skyrocketing costs of maintaining its application deployments across a large number of disparate operating systems and client desktop machines with unpredictable capabilities and configurations.


We designed a completely new architecture that utilized multiple cloud-based components comprising a scalable, reliable and extendable platform to integrate all devices, treatment design services and external partners into a coherent business operating system. This architecture merges business operations metrics with device telemetry to feed into an enterprise Business Intelligence reporting and AI algorithms for automated treatment design.


Allowed a 5x growth in number of devices (printers/ curing devices/ washing devices). Allowed worldwide growth with localization for key markets. Full telemetry with automated exception monitoring.

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