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Expose Your Localhost to the World

Nowadays, developers often need to expose their local development environment to the web. This can make it easier to share work with clients or colleagues, test webhooks, or access a local service from a remote device. Here's a comprehensive guide to the tools and techniques available for exposing your local server to the world.

Why expose your local server?

Exposing your local server to the Internet can be useful for:

  • Sharing development progress: you can easily show the current status of the project to clients or colleagues without the need to upload it to a remote server.

  • Testing webhooks: Webhooks often require access to a public URL in order to work properly.

  • Remote access to local services: Enables access to local applications and data from anywhere in the world.

Expose tools on your local server

  1. Ngrok Ngrok is one of the most popular tools for exposing local servers. It creates a secure tunnel from your local host to a public URL.

  2. Localtunnel Localtunnel is another handy tool that allows you to share your local server with an easy-to-use command interface.

  3. Serveo Serveo provides an SSH-based tunnel for local host exposure.

Here is an example of how to easily expose a local server using Ngrok Installation:

  • Can be installed using choko - choko install ngrok

  • You can also download the installation file directly

Add token:

ngrok config add-authtoken <token>

Start tunnel:

ngrok http 80


Exposing a local server to the Internet brings with it security risks. Here are a few tips for protection:

  • Use HTTPS: Make sure your connection is secure.

  • Restrict access: Limit access to your server to trusted IP addresses only.

  • Check and update software: Regularly check and update your exposure tools and applications.

Exposing a local server to the world can be very useful, but it's important to choose the right tool and take care of security. Tools like Ngrok, Localtunnel and Serveo provide easy and effective solutions for this task. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start sharing your local applications with the rest of the world.

Amexis Team

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