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Weird interviews

Quite often we get feedback that our interviews or the questions we ask are "weird". 

We all know that when we hire a new person, it inevitably affects the atmosphere in the team. Over the years we have worked with a variety of people with varying levels of success. Our endeavor is to analyze and extract what we have learned from each situation.

In this short reading, we share with you what we have been able to extract so far as basic criteria for people we work with successfully:

1. Communication

  • In conversations, what is your main goal (reaching mutual understanding, winning, something else).

  • How you answer questions you don't know the answer to.

  • Do you treat the other person with respect when you disagree.

  • Can you admit when you are wrong.

  • Do you try to learn from the mistake.

  • Do you share your experience with others.

  • Are you responsive when someone asks for help.

  • Do you communicate your desires clearly.

  • Do you respect colleagues' time, commitment and boundaries. 

2. Learning, new challenges

  • Is this technology another new fool's errand or is it something you are curious to explore and decide whether or not it will be useful to you. Again, you can declare it nonsense, but reasonably :)

  • With a new project(task), what's the attitude: let's see how we can do it and what challenges we would encounter or are you just spoiling my peace of mind.

3. Personal qualities

  • Can this person be counted on to get it done when committed.

  • Can be counted on that when he sees that he will not succeed, he will warn in time so that others can respond.

  • Is he a team player.


That's very briefly and summarily our opinion on the subject. We believe that when the attitude fits the internal company culture, technical knowledge can be safely learned and caught up.This is the reason why our interviews are "weird". To us, what kind of person you are is more important than what knowledge you have.


Greetings and have a successful day!

Amexis Team

Amexis Team

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