Our Clients

Throughout our history we have been able to build successful long-term strategic partnerships with all our clients. Clients prefer Amexis because of our genuine commitment to their success and the straightforward and collaborative approach we always demonstrate. We have gained rich client experience, collaborating with organizations from all over the world and delivering first-class solutions to business situations with different scope, context and requirements. Here are testimonials of some of our recent clients:


For the last 12 years Versant has relied on the services of Amexis Ltd. to design and operate the complete stack of technologies that our fast paced and constantly evolving business depends on. Throughout our partnership, Amexis has proven to be a reliable ally who strives to intimately understand our needs and is deeply committed to our long-term success. We have grown to depend on their broad technical expertise and continuous drive to always exceed our expectations.

Jane Olson, MSN, RN, Assistant Vice President, Versant Corporation

KRE Consulting

At CRESO Global we have assembled a world-class team of academics and professionals that aim to change the way organizations analyze, understand, and manage the complex interactions and communications that define the success of critical business processes. Amexis Ltd. has proven to be an indispensable part of this team by providing technical excellence, creativity and leadership that are the fundamental reason for the success of our IT strategy.

Erich Kreidler, Managing Partner of KRE Consulting, LLC