Custom Web Application Development

First class software engineering, flexibility and strong personal approach delivering exceptional business results and competitive advantage through the implementation of cutting-edge technology.


We provide innovative custom web application solutions with low risk and high end-user satisfaction. Every project of Amexis is tailored to answer specific client business needs and developed by our in-house team. Using a flexible, web-based architecture that is ideal for the service needs of any company regardless of scale or industry, we can integrate diverse software systems into a globally accessible solution that is flexible, intuitive, and economical. Clients can expect predictable outcomes, clear status visibility, early critical functionality and continuous control of cost and schedule when partnering with Amexis.

From our experience we know that the power of a solution is based on thorough requirements analysis, focused preparation and solid architecture. With this in mind, we’ve assembled an impressive team of committed and multitalented developers who build and deploy client functionality while drawing on time-tested principles. Through a wide range of avant-garde technologies, our tenured and easily accessible team confidently turns the unique business situation of clients into completed and sophisticated solution.

We design key elements of the solution by aligning our customer’s specific business requirements with core concepts and scenarios that rely on data exchange between existing systems. By identifying and implementing services, components, technologies and tools required for business process management, we design, construct, and implement an integrated solution that ensures a rapid return on investment, increased productivity, reduced response times and greater efficiencies. We add value by offering on-site training and IT consulting.