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Case Studies

In order to address the severe nursing shortage Healthcare organizations are forced to pay for premium labor at a rate of 2x normal cost, which is unsustainable. To reduce the money spent on premium labor, organizations need to have a clear guidance on the timing of when new hires can safely take on a full load of patients.

Machine Learning / AI


The growth of this innovative startup was severely limited by its desktop-centric deployment model and the skyrocketing costs of maintaining its application deployments across a large number of disparate operating systems and client desktop machines with unpredictable capabilities and configurations.

RayWare Cloud

Digital Dentistry

We faced the need to organizeand manage the internal procesess in our company. We could not find a solution that was agile, comfortable, easy to use and light enought to accomodate our needs. We  created one ourselfs.



In an environment of severe nursing shortages, Healthcare organizations need to increase the efficiency of their workforce. Traditionally, transition to practice programs for new and experienced nurses have always been time-based and have been allocating a fixed block of time regardless of individual knowledge and performance.



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